Solar Benefits

Benefits of solar energy system

  • You can take out a loan and pay nothing upfront. 
  • Once your system is operational, solar energy is free to produce
  • Long-term savings associated with solar panels can be substantial and run into the tens of thousands of dollars.
  • You insure yourself against the risk of rising electricity prices
  • Installing a solar power system on your rooftop is likely to increase the value of your home.
  • Your system will deliver annual savings to your electricity bill
  • Payback periods typically fall within 10 years (average)
  • You will be entitled to incentives when you purchase a solar system
  • Solar energy is an infinite, renewable energy source. There is not one day that the sun does not show up.
  • The installation of a 4kW solar system will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 150 tones in its lifetime
  • There are no pollutants associated with the generation of solar power
  • Reduction of demand for fossil fuel driven energy sources such as oil, coal, & gas.

  • Solar power is a particularly safe way to produce energy. No risks associated like nuclear, oil, gas and coal power plant.
  • Converting to solar power is easy!
  • Solar power systems require little to no maintenance once they are installed