Installation Type

On asphalt shingled roofs of occupied buildings, we use flashed mounting connections as a standard practice. This detail provides the assurance of a positive, long-term and leak-proof connection.

  • Flat Roof Solar Panel Installation:
    • Ballasted Mount: Use weights and do make penetrations.
    • Mechanically Attached: Mounted to the post secured in the roof beams. Special roof leak protection is added to each penetration.
    • Hybrid Mount: know as a minimally attached system and uses some structural attachments combined with typical ballasted design which results in minimal penetrations.
  • Ground Mount Solar Panel Installation:

Canopy Solar Panel Installation: 

At Cyrus Contractors, we use only strong framed PV modules, capable of bearing the heavy snow loads we receive in the Northeast.

Cyrus Contractors systems are designed and installed to meet current NEC code requirements. These include the proper placement and wording of warning and informational signage that go on the main panel and the system components.

Cyrus Contractors uses only long-lasting, permanently affixed, custom-engraved placards on its systems to ensure that this important safety information remains with the system whenever it could be needed in the future.

No matter what size your system, Cyrus Contractors will professionally install the components, ensuring that not only the system operates as it should, but also that every part is mounted straight, aligned with other components and looks appealing.

We use only the highest quality equipment and installation methods allowing us to offer you the best warranties in the solar industry. Every single Cyrus Contractors member reflects our passion for excellent craftsmanship and our commitment to creating a brighter future.