1- Free Solar Site Assessment and Load Analysis

Site Evaluation

This part of the project is one of the most important areas which will indicate what size of solar system a client needs and how it is going to be installed on the facility. In order to gather the right information and present the correct system to the client, an associate who is evaluating the job site, must have a checklist handy which states the steps that need to be checked.

This checklist should consist minimum of:

* Check orientation

* Appearance: How will the array look?

* Shading barriers

* Age of the roof

* Electric service suitability

* Will it fit?

Cyrus Contractors Inc. will use a checklist which eliminates any errors and helps smoothen the process of system sizing.

2- System Sizing

Your system size will depend on your needs and how much electricity you want to generate. You can also build your system modularly by starting small and expanding over time as long as the system does not exceed 1,000 kilowatts. The CSI Program administers rebates on solar systems sized to meet a customer’s expected annual electricity needs, with a minimum of 1kW and a maximum of 1MW.

3- A Detail Proposal

In our site evaluation we discuss your needs, budget & visions for the future and we will present you with a detail proposal at no cost to you.

4- Submit All State Paperwork

We are responsible to provide you with all the required permits and any available incentives. Our expert team does A through Z of your system design & installation.

5- Professional Installation

Different installation types:

As you know every facility is very unique with different structural designs and we could not use one method for all when it comes to installation of a PV system. Therefore, as a result solar manufacturing companies offer several various methods to install a system. Some of the most common methods are listed below:

* Flat roof solar panel install

** Ballasted mount

** Mechanically attached

** Hybrid mount

* Pitch roof solar panel installations

* Ground mount solar panel installations

* Canopy solar panel installations

6- Replace your roof or main service panel (if required)

When it comes to solar installations, the condition of the roof is a very important matter to pay close attention to. The life spam of  solar systems have been estimated to be around 25-30 years, and if your roof is 10 years or older, to be on the safe side, it is a highly recommended to replace the whole roof or at least the areas that the solar is going to be installed on.

At Cyrus Contractors, since we warranty your roof for the next 25 years, we take the evaluation of your roof very seriously. If needed, our experienced roofers will fix the roof prior to the solar installation, in order to eliminate any unexpected expenses. That way both parties will have a peace of mind for all the good years to come.

7- Install a household electric car plug-in station

At Cyrus Contractors, our goal is to design, engineer, and install the perfect system that works best for you, while giving you the freedom to use electricity without guilt or worry about cost.

8- Provide great financing options, whether you buy or lease.

First, we’ll help you decide whether leasing or buying your solar system is the best option for you. Then, we’ll offer various finance options based on your decision.

8-1 Interaction with Utility Companies for Meter Installation

Once the system is completed, we will coordinate with the utility to have the net meter and gross solar meters installed. They will install a multi-directional meter which will move towards the left side(Net-Metering) when you use the energy produced by your solar system and it will turn towards the right side at night time when there is no sun in the sky which you will need to use the electricity from the grid like you normally did.

8-2 Final Rebate Documentation (if Applicable).

Once the system is up and running, we will promptly gather the required documentation and send it to your local utility company so that your rebate claim could be processed as quickly as possible.